Fragrance your Home with Candles & Diffusers.

Fragrance your Home

While style and design are important when it comes to your home, you shouldn’t overlook the way it smells. Smell is by far one of the senses that is closely linked to memory and the way your home smells should be memorable for those that visit.

A great smelling home can be created many different ways. Fresh flowers are always a winner, but if you don’t have your own flower garden they are expensive to regularly purchase as they only last a week or two. Whereas, candles and fragrance diffusers are long lasting and an economical, stylish option to add to the room’s ambiance and create a signature smell to your home.

The following is a list of fragrance options to create a memorable and long-lasting scent for your home that you will love.

In our opinion, nothing beats a stylish candle vessel for creating ambiance and scenting a space. However, due to it’s flammable component it’s nice to have other less flammable options to perfume the air, especially in Summer.  Enter: Diffusers.

There are two  types of diffusers to consider.

  1. The first is a  traditional Reed Diffuser. Typically these are glass bottles filled with a synthetic fragrance oil and bamboo reed sticks. It’s important though, to make sure the fragrance oil you choose is phthalate free. Phthalates are a toxic chemical which are known to disrupt hormones. Reed sticks work on a similar principal to a straw, as they draw the fragrance oil up tiny channels to subtly diffuse the fragrance in the room. So, to maintain the fragrance level you need to regularly flip the reeds – generally once per week – otherwise the reeds dry out and the fragrance will no longer be noticeable.
  2. A healthier alternative, is an Aromatherapy Oil Burner. This type of diffuser is typically a ceramic vessel with a votive candle in the base to heat the bowl which is filled with water and a few drops of an aromatherapy essential oil.

Candle Scents… Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

The best candle scents are the ones that are distinctive and cause you to ask what it is. If you are smelling an unlit candle and the scent already appears to be strong, then chances are you have a good candle. When lit, the smell will permeate the air in your home nicely and effectively. If you want to save some money on more expensive feature candles, you can always opt to use scented votives or wax melts. Again, always check the fragrance is phthalate free (all our candles are made without the use of any harmful fragrance oils – they are all phthalate free!)

What is your Scent?

Perhaps you have more than one scent you love, but you think you should just stick with a single fragrance?  No, it’s okay to have more than scent in the home and in different rooms, as long as they complement each other. You can browse our Scent Lab to get some inspiration and also consider other scent options such as essential oils or fragrance room sprays.

Start experimenting with different scents to find out which ones you love and how you can combine them to create your own home signature scent  and have your guests asking, “what is that amazing smell?”

Tips to Minimise Nasty Odours

There are always going to be those obnoxious smells that we can’t fully get away from such as the odours from cooking, the bathroom, a cat litter box, or even wet towels hanging in the bathroom. Wash your towels regularly, clean out the litter box often, and turn an exhaust fan on in the kitchen. A great tip for bathroom loo smells is to light a match then blow it out, the sulphur from the lit match is supposed to help remove smells. Keep one of our stylish matches bottle in your bathroom – it looks so much nicer than a box of matches!

These are all simple and uncomplicated ways to help control these odours and help them to dissipate quickly before they permeate your soft furnishings and floor rugs.

Whatever your preferred scent is and the method you choose to fragrance your space, you can have fun experimenting with your own signature scent that your guests will love. Just remember, if you are using candles, always make sure they are never left unattended.