How to Get the Most From Your Reed Diffuser

Get the Most Out of Your Reed Diffuser

One of the most popular home fragrance products around today is the Reed Diffuser. If you’re looking for a flameless alternative to candles, reed diffusers are your best choice. For those of you who haven’t yet come across these wonderfully simple home fragrance products, then our luxe range of Reed Diffusers are a great place to start.

Reed Diffusers are a common but very effective product when it comes to adding a beautiful aroma to any room in your household. They help you to create the ambience and atmosphere that turn a collection of rooms in a building into an actual home. That is in essence what home fragrance is all about. You wouldn’t typically sit in an empty room and call that your lounge; you would add decorations and furniture to create an atmosphere. That helps to appease most of your senses, but if you neglect to think of your sense of smell then you haven’t completely created the experience that you want in your home.

In this article we are going to focus on Reed Diffusers and how to get the most out them, once you’ve decided which fragrance best suits the atmosphere you are trying to create in your home.


A natural reed, which is porous, is placed into a glass bottle that contains aromatic oil. Each natural reed stick contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from top to bottom of the reed- like 20 micro-mini straws, totally open to pull liquid from bottom to top. This draws the fragrance up from inside the bottle, carries it to the top surface of the reed, and releases the fragrance into the air naturally.

Reed Diffusers typically consist of some kind of fragrance fuel, a vessel to contain the fuel and bamboo sticks or rattan reeds to help disperse the fragrance from the vessel into your surroundings.

The great thing about diffusers, is that they are incredibly simple to set up and require little to no attention once they start working their magic. Simply pour the fragrance into the vessel (if the product does not already come pre-filled – ours do), add your reed sticks and position in your room and that’s it. After that, you’ll need to flip the reeds once a week, or more often if you want a stronger scent throw. Then sit back and relax in the fantastic home ambience that you’ve just created!


There’s nothing worse than getting a few weeks of use out of your diffuser only to notice that you no longer get that superb fragrance experience as you walk into the room. So what can you do about this? Here are a couple of really simple tips to help you maximise your home fragrance experience before you end up shelling out for a brand new product or refill.


We’re not talking how close to the diffuser you sit, no that would be silly. It’s about positioning the diffuser in the room so that the fragrance utilises the natural airflow of the room, but not in front of an open window or drafty spot as too much airflow will drain the fuel too quickly.

The hot tip here is to know your surroundings. Figure out the path of the air that circulates around your room and place the diffuser in a position so that it’s in the middle of this journey. Get that just right and you’ll have optimum fragrance in the room with a maximised fragrance consumption. Just what you are looking for.


One of the biggest issues for a reed diffuser is that the fragrance can stop diffusing around the room even though there seems to still be plenty of fragrance liquid left in the bottle. Many people will throw the diffuser out thinking that it has come to the end of its usefulness. This is a misnomer and a very simple trick to educate yourself with can easily access every last drop of fragrance and get another few months of use out of the diffuser. It’s so simple you may actually ‘lol’…

Turn the reeds over.

Yep, just taking the reeds out of the diffuser, turning them upside down and putting them back into the diffuser will breathe life back into the diffuser and fragrance back into your home! It’s that easy. The ‘new’ tops of the reed sticks are now saturated with fragrance and the air flow can get hold of this as it’s no longer protected by the vessel and disperse that fragrance freely. Simple, but oh so effective – in fact we recommend doing this weekly, or any time you want a fragrance hit!


So that’s it. Two very simple ideas to get the most out of your reed diffuser. Create your own fragrant sanctuary by selecting a fragrance type that helps to create the right atmosphere for the chosen room. Want to relax and chill out in the living room after a hard day’s work?  Lavender is a great choice as it’s associated with relaxation. Want to feel uplifted? Go for a citrus based scent. Calm and happy? Try a floral.

One last piece of advice is, if your diffuser comes with 10 – 12 reeds, you don’t need to put them all in the diffuser. Start off with 4 or 5 reeds wait 24 hours and if the scent is not strong enough add a few more reeds until you are happy with the fragrance throw.

More reeds create more surface area which means a quicker diffusion of fragrance, which in turn means more fragrance in the room, but ultimately reduces the product lifespan.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have an efficient diffuser working it’s hardest just for you. And of course your visitors will absolutely love the atmosphere you’ve created.

So go on, adorn your home in scented ambience with a fragrant Reed Diffuser Set.

Our range of Reed Diffusers are non-flammable and DO NOT contain any petrochemicals, phthalates, VOC, DPG or alcohol and are 100% Vegan compatible and cruelty free.

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