How to neutralise funky bathroom smells…

Nowadays, when someone stinks up the lavatory most people would reach for a commercial room deodorizer. Except don’t because those are toxic. Without going into the obvious biological details, after any “vigorous bathroom activity” you can get a lot of stench-preventing mileage out of following these simple, non-toxic odour busting steps. The challenge here is to eliminate not only the original odour as quickly as possible, but also the odour or effects of the remedy!

After you’ve relieved yourself (which we will assume here that you are already proficient at), the first step is to close the toilet lid before you flush. This will trap the unsavoury aroma (and germs) and localize it within the confines of the porcelain bowl. Lid closed? Alright. Now you’re ready to flush!

Flush and light a match.

After flushing (make sure the lid is closed), the next step is to light a match. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the flame that does the trick it’s the smoke (and the sulphurous smell of the ignition).  Lighting a match, or preferably two, will quickly and effectively mask unpleasant bathroom odours. The best approach is to light two matches at once, and let them burn for 10 seconds or so, then blow them out. Be sure to run the matches under water before putting them in the bin, to prevent a fire.

It’s always good form to leave a box of matches in your bathroom for guests, but if you want to be more discreet and add a bit of glam to your bathroom, then our stylish glass apothecary matches bottles are the perfect alternative. Our large apothecary style matches bottle come with a convenient striker pad on the base, and are pre-filled with 45 extra long safety matches so they are not only ideal for lighting candles, provide the perfect solution for those odour busting occasions. Available in black, white or clear glass and your choice of lid colour.

Deodorizing Toilet Drops

If you don’t like the idea of matches in your bathroom, another option is to use deodorizing toilet drops. Our No.2 drops come in a stylish matte black glass dropper bottle and contain a blend of crisp, citrus peel essential oil notes combined with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils which all have powerful natural disinfecting and anti-bacterial properties. Discreet and small, you can even tuck a bottle in your purse for on-the-go emergencies. All it takes is 2 drops of oil into the water in the bowl before you go which creates an oil barrier on top of the water and traps all the nasty odours below, so no-one will ever know!  Additional drops post flush and in the hand basin will intensify the aroma and your friends will think you’re so hip and modern. Win.

Use the soap.

Alright, we’re on the home stretch. At this point you need to wash your hands. Not only is it good hygiene, but the smell of the soap will help to mask the aroma of the crime scene. So go ahead and scrub them useful appendages, and let that green tea and peppermint soapy scent fill the air.

Leave the door open.

All done? So, of course you should make use of all technology available to you: turn on a fan and open a window to help with the air circulation. When you leave, open the bathroom door and leave it wide open to facilitate maximum air particle turnover. This may run counter to your natural instinct to leave the door closed. Trust us, leave it open. You’ve already done enough so that most of the smell should be long gone. You’re done. Now walk out of there like a champ. For all anybody can tell at this point, you were just checking your mobile phone the whole time you were in there.

If you know or live with someone who could really stand to take a hint, we’ve already done the work for you. Just send them this article!

Do you have any tips or tricks we missed? We’d love to hear them!