Mother’s Day Candles You’ll Love Giving

Discover the coolest mother’s day gift in our curated scented candle collection. In this gift guide we give you a tour of our best scented candles for the mothers in your life. From classic ladylike florals to rebellious scents inspired by rock stars, we’ve got a special scent for every type of mum.

Give your mum an excuse to light a candle, put her feet up, and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. You should probably make her a cup of tea too if you know what’s good for you!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide…

Pink Faux Marble Wine Glass Candle

Peony Blush

A heavenly floral scent filled with the fragrance that transforms the atmosphere with the crisp opening notes of Fuji apple and the delicate floral notes of pink peonies, rose and jasmine.

Tantalising base notes of honeydew, white musk and amber round out this exquisite and opulent fragrance.

Perfect for mums who exude classic style and grace.


Not all gardenia fragrances are the same… this scent truly captures the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower!

The exquisite aroma of tropical gardenia with a top sweet and green note with an intense floral heart.

Perfect for classy mums who love a little elegance and romance.

Amalfi Coast

Encapsulating the feel of a coastal breeze and stunning ocean views, this fragrance will captivate you with its invigorating clean fresh smelling blend of wild freesia, refreshing lime and lavender.

For mums with an adventurous spirit and love of sand between their toes and salt in their hair.

GEO CUT Copper Candle Jar

Oakmoss & Amber

A strong earthy fragrance with exotic woody base notes of oakmoss and amber combined with heart notes of musk, orange and lavender.

This beautiful scent is the perfect way to welcome in a new day. Chosen for their grounding and calming abilities, and to create an uplifting fragrance. Just what your mum needs.

White Onyx Marble Candle

Wasabi Mint

Green zesty notes with a hint of spice are at the heart of this unique fragrance with the subtle aroma of fresh wasabi root entwined with mint, lemon, cinnamon bark, fig leaf and pine needle.

Green never smelled so good!  It’s refreshing as well as euphoria-inducing and energizing. It will release and evoke warm feelings and inspire mums to loosen up and be happy.

These are just a few of our favourite scents and candle jars. Browse the Scent Labto view all the available fragrances and of course our complete candle collection.