Solid Copper or Copper Glass Candle Vessels?

Why are our copper gilded crystal candle vessels more popular than solid copper vessels?

It’s simple science really. For the same reason that iron rusts!

When copper is exposed to moisture (say candle wax for example), when that moisture evaporates it begins a chemical reaction process called oxidisation, which leaves the bright copper finish tarnished with a green corrosion.

To avoid this, we offer two copper candle vessel options to make your interior styling options easier.

  1. Our copper leaf crystal vessels are hand-gilded by us right here in Australia, then sealed to provide a durable long lasting finish. We then pour our proprietary coco-soy wax is within high quality German crystal glass which protects the natural copper from the elements (thus preventing that nasty green tarnish which occurs if using pure copper!).
  2. Our electroplated copper glass vessels are electroplated overseas with a copper film on the outside of the glass and then our coco-soy wax is poured within the hand moulded glass to prevent any contact with the copper and therefore eliminating tarnish.

copper candle 300pxCopper candle glass with copper lid