The Magic of Marble Candles

Magic of Marble

It comes as no surprise that gorgeous natural marble contineus to be a hot trend over the past few years and looks set to continue through 2020.

Our stunning natural marble candle jars are mined in Carrara, Italy and imported to Australia.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of man-made look alike marble vessels being imported from disreputable overseas sources. So we’ve compiled a short list on how you can tell if marble is real or fake!


Natural Marble or Man Made?

  • Real marble is cold to touch – approximately 11 degrees cooler than the room temperature.
    Fake Marble will feel the same temperature as the other items in the room.
  • Real marble veins will vary greatly, some may appear milky white with minimal accents, whilst others will be covered in grey/blue markings.
    Fake marble will have veins (and some copies can be convincing), however, they’ll look uniform and won’t have the same natural variation.

Fake marble is what is known in the industry as poly-stone or cultured marble; which contains polymer, stone flakes, marble dust, dye, powdered glass, resin and other components to create a marble look. This man-made marble has industrial purposes and is used to create cheap bench-tops and workstations as it is heat proof, scratch proof and chemically resistive. To test if marble is authentic, you can always conduct a simple acid test – apply one drop of a weak acid onto a hidden area (underneath the vessel) and you will see the acid fizz when in contact with natural calcium carbonate (marble!)

At Etc & Co., our marble candle vessels are 100% genuine, natural marble. Our vessels are hand carved from sizeable blocks of stone, the inside is sealed to prevent candle wax seepage as marble is naturally porous.

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But if your budget can’t quite stretch to buy the real deal, we have a stunning faux glass marble candle which is on the featured image on this blog post.